Learning Disabilities

The importance of neuropsychological assessment for the evaluation of childhood learning disorders NAN Policy and Planning Committee

"This article describes the nature of neuropsychological assessment and the importance of obtaining neuropsychological evaluations when children are experiencing learning difficulties.  The information that follows can help parents, educators, health care providers, and third-party payors make decisions about the type of evaluation that will best serve the needs of the child who has a possible learning disorder. The intent of this paper is to explain the value of seeking a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, and highlight what it can offer in understanding a child’s brain function and in providing a relevant educational plan. This article is not intended to define which professionals may conduct these evaluations nor to offer an opinion as to the setting in which these evaluations may take place. Neuropsychological evaluations can be offered in school settings or in private practice and hospital settings, as is the case for other types of evaluations.  There are many types of professionals who conduct evaluations of children with learning problems; however, neuropsychological evaluations should be conducted by psychologists who have specialized training in neuropsychology."